Escondido Youth Baseball, Pony League Baseball

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Week of March 30- April 5

Pinto Padres

Our Padres team is a mighty one. Our coach loves to catch lobster in the middle of the night. We have Elizabeth Taylor on our team, along with the Tamanator, McAwesome, The Weasel and Johnny Boston is our base coach. Caden Rayfield had the first home run in the pinto division and one of our second year players keeps track of his own RBI's which currently is at 55. We have a set of twins on out team, A player who walks to his practices and games. The Pinto Padres are currently tied for first going into Spring Break!!:

Nicolas Daniels - 10
Michael Gartin- 4
Dean Gibbs- 8
Andrew Hall - 12
Evan Hall - 11
Joseph McTigue - 7
Jack Merideth- 3
Caden Rayfield - 6
Devin Robeson - 9
Ezra Ruiz - 2
Quinton Tam- 1
Lizzie Taylor- 5
Manager Matt Robeson; Coaches Johnny Boston and Frankie Ruiz; Team Mom Paula Gartin




Week of March 23-28

Shetland Padres

After starting off the season as the White Sox the Shetland Padres have given it their all. Every player on the team gives 110% and wants to be a part of the action in every play! We have had several great plays at home plate from all of our catchers and great hitting off the pitching machine. We’re all having a fun time getting out there and putting in our best effort. The lineup for the team is Vance Barber, Brennan Casper, Landon Marks, Samuel "Sammy" Morales, Oscar Perez, Shay "Walle" Phillips, Aaron Schluentz-Hartman, Isaiah Trujillo, & Aiden Young. The team is managed by Shay Phillips and Assistant Coaches Hector Morales & Jason Young. Our team mom is Michelle Schluentz who keeps the boys ready in the dugout!



Shetland Tigers

The Shetland Tigers are represented by a group of boys and girls that give their best effort every game and practice. They have a big D on their shirts and play big D in the field. When a Shetland Tiger steps to the plate every swing gives off a wild “ROAR.” If you get the chance to watch them play you will notice the love and respect they have for the game of baseball. All little tigers need big tigers to watch over them and that’s where the team moms and coaches come in. With three coaches and two team moms showing them the way the Tigers have become a great team and are improving with every swing, throw, and catch.


#1 Noah, #2 Gabby, #3 Evan, #4 Joda, #5 Owen, #6 Nicco, #7 Gianni, #8 Jaxson, #9 Ramsey, and #13 Easton.

Coach Jason, Coach Cesar, Coach Mike, Team Mom Shalene, & Team Mom Gina.





Shetland A's

The Shetland A's started off the season strong and are going to end stronger!  What a great group of kids, always giving it 100%.  The team is full of leaders, always helping each other out and building each other up. The other teams have to be on their toes when the A's are up to bat, they are a big hitting team; the lineup is loaded with power hitters!  The A's defense isn't lacking either, turning a double play or two, the Pinto division has some great players moving up next year.  Even with first time players and parents, there is no shortage of support.  The Team Mom, Tiffany Yandell keeps everything running in the dugout, Coach Mindy, Ken, Keith,  both Chris', Ed, all put in a tremendous amount of work with the kids, all helping to mold them into great baseball players!  The A's parents and supporters make it all possible!  Shout out to the A's Sponsor, Marler Campbell Dental, and to Mike Cazares for the game photos!
The Line Up:
Manager: Kassy Green

Week of March 16-22

Mustang Nationals

After a slow start to their season, the Mustang Nationals are the team that doesn’t quit and doesn’t give in. They recently won their first game of the season much to the delight of the players, coaches and fans. The Nationals have a wide array of players, from first timers to well-seasoned players, who have played since T-ball; all of whom help to make up our wonderful, hardworking team.  The Nationals stick together and work hard as a team, but most importantly have fun while playing baseball. This team has put their heart and soul into the game. The team is made up by Nathan Dominguez (#2), Anthony Sisko (#3), Chase Mizel (#4), Gabe Castro (#6), Cameron Johnson (#7), Mark Garcia (#8), William “Pahhey” Salgado (#9), Haden DeAnda (#11), Saul Garcia (#12), Rylan Koser (#5) and Quinn Rosenstock (#13).  The Nationals Coaching is led by Manager Mike DeAnda and Assistant Coaches William “Sonny” Salgado and Mark Garcia and they have Annette Johnson for their Team Mom.  Mustang Nationals, we are so proud of you all and look forward to watching you grow and progress though the season!




Week of March 9-15

Shetland Marlins

This is an exceptional group of kids,with experience ranging from first timers,to 3 years at this level,and the older kids are setting an example for the younger kids,and the young players  are both willing and able to learn at a fast pace.They started out as little baby guppies and have transformed into Big Marlins of the Shetland Ocean.   Overall it is an excellent mix of players,and we are off to a great start for the season! From left to right we have Ace Sanchez,Auggie Albert,Connor Marsden,Styles Oliver,William Fischer,Douggie Albert,Arturo Valle Jr.,Ryan Feliciano,Wesley Sherman,and Lukas Haley.Not pictured is Arshon fathi,and Lucas lopez.The coaches from L-R are Darrin Albert-Alberto Sanchez,Harry Oliver,and Mike Marsden.





Pinto Nationals

The Pinto Nationals are enjoying the excitement and fun of the 2015 season!  The boys won the first game and fought to two tough losses in games 2 and 3.  Our game ball winner for game #1 was Kyle Hanson for his walk off double.  Anthony Potter won the game ball for game #2 for a big home run and over the shoulder catch at shortstop.  Alejandro Chavez won the game ball at game #3 for a grand slam!  The players are working hard on their skills at practice and continue to improve week after week.  The team is full of heart, spirit and love for baseball.  The Nationals are led by a coaching staff that is full of drive and encourages their players to work hard, play hard and enjoy every minute of the season.  Our players include:

#2 Alejandro Chavez
#11 Anthony Murray
#7 Anthony Potter
#12 Brady Goe 
#8 Cooper Greene
#4 David de Neve
#6 Kyle Hanson
#10 Luke Olson
#5 Mason Lowry
#9 Miles Greer
#3 Trevor Stum
#1 Tryg Olson
Go Nationals!!!



Week of March 2-March 9

Bronco Angels

The 2015 Bronco Angels are off to a great start this season!  After suffering a tough opening day loss to a  great Red Sox team, the Angels have reeled off 2 consecutive wins!  The Angels are led by a strong group  of 12 year olds, including #24 Troy Faulkner, #10 Patrick Martinez, #2 Jonah Jackson, #3 Ross  Nalbandian, #6 James DeBora, and #4 Elliot Winter.  They also have an amazing group of 11 year olds  who have already proven they can handle the next level of baseball that Bronco provides, including #5  Dylan Gilmour, #8 Carlos Chavez, #12 Aiden Schick, #11 AJ Byrn, and #1 Josh Fiske.  The coaching staff is  led by Manager Dean Faulkner, and Assistant Coaches Steve Martinez, Tana Jackson, and JT Hoffman,  with team mom Sherri Faulkner.  The Angels philosophy is to win or lose as a team, with all players  contributing to every game.  Six different players have already pitched at least 1 inning in a game so far  this season, and every single player has already reached base safely via a hit or walk!  Teamwork is key  to any successful group, and the Angels are proving it this season!  Good luck the rest of the way Angels,  keep up the good work!



Week of February 23-March 1

Shetland Red SOX

What a great opening weekend! We had a blast with our Shetland Red Sox team.

Opening night was a huge success. All of our players really enjoyed the carnival games and jumpers. They charged it like a bunch of pros. It was really special to be at the park under the lights and the team marched with such pride chanting, “LET’S GO RED SOX!” You may have noticed we have a huge volunteer staff for our team. We have 6 Coaches including our Manager/Board Member, Team Mom and two Dugout Mom’s. Coach Leo believes in making not just a team environment but also a extended family environment. These are opportunities to make memories with our kids but also to build friendships for the families for years to come. Our first game of the season went off without a hitch and we were able to give out 2 game balls. One for Julian Flores who not only hit the ball off the machine but tagged an out at first base! Our other game ball player was Daniel Robbins who did an amazing job owning the plate as a catcher. Nothing was getting past him! We are all looking forward to the rest of the season and all it has to offer, not only teach the amazing game of baseball but also build them as a team, learn to succeed, build character development and most important a team family! Let Go Red Sox!!!


The Shetland Red Sox are-

Daniel Robbins #1

Rodrigo Tapia Jr. #2

Elliott Barron #3

Carson McWhorter #4

Julian Flores #5

Gavin Sartwell #6

Jordan Alvarez #7

Jacob Perez #8

Carson Hanel #9

Canon Palmquist #10

Oliver Barron #11

Landon Rosenstock #12

Leo Sartwell- Manager/ Board Member/ Pinto Director

Joy Sartwell- Team Mom

Martha Flores- Coach

Larry Freeman- Coach

Leif Palmquist- Coach

Jeremy Barron- Coach

Max Perez- Coach

Jill Perez- Dugout Mom

Carin McWhorter- Dugout Mom





Mustang Royals

The 2015 Mustang Royals is one of our most diverse teams in the Mustang Division, with 12 players from Escondido and Valley Center: Danny Lopez (1), Jimmy Coyle (2), Carson McBrearty (3), Jakob Kazlauskas (4), Jakob Mulder (5), Jonas Kazlauskas (6), Adam Walls (7), Cameron Fogarty (8), Noah Reyes (9), Nate Finch (11), Gilbert Ruiz (12), and J.J. Magnuson (13). The players have already shown remarkable progress since our first practice, and their first game highlighted the success of the Royals’ pitching, fielding, and overall teamwork. As a major accomplishment, the pitchers technically threw an opening day No–Hitter, since the only run was walked in!  The Royals’ Saturday win was a testament to the dedicated coaching by Manager Jim Coyle and Assistant Coaches Lorenzo Lopez, George Feliciano, and Erick Magnuson, who have been working with the players to improve skills, learn strategy, promote teamwork, and have a great time.  Team moms are Pam Fogarty and Amanda Finch.