Escondido Youth Baseball, Pony League Baseball

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Welcome to the 2018 Homerun Hall of Fame.  All season long EYB will showcase all players who are able to drive the ball OVER THE FENCE! We do not count in the park homeruns, balls must be hit over the fence to count.  Players are awarded divisions Home Run Hitter Club pins for every homerun they hit.  At the end of the season players are recognized if they are apat of the Homerun Hall of Fame.



Hitting his first home run of the season, Jeremiah Haros gets the biggest of them all! A grand slam!! Congrats Jeremiah!



Going for his 3rd homerun of the season, Mark Garcia hits a grand slam bomb for the Bronco Red Sox!! Way to go Mark!!



A big congrats going out to Will Eagleton of the Bronco Giants who hit his 1st homerun on Bronco tonight. Way to go Will!!!


Congrats to Aiden Ricciardi of the Shetland Angels for his first homerun of the season!!!!


Congrats to Mark Garcia for hitting his second homerun of the season for Bronco Red Sox!!!


Our first homerun of the season was hit by Mark Garcia on the Bronco Red Sox! Congrats Mark on being our first Homerun Hitter of the season!!!!