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Volunteer Screening and Background Check Policy and Process


Why is Escondido Youth Baseball conducting volunteer background checks?


The safety of our players is a top priority! Criminal background screenings will be mandatory for all volunteers having direct contact with our players.  Any volunteer who will be in the dug-out or on the playing field with our players must complete and pass a background screening.  This includes the Board of Directors, Managers and Coaches.  The will be no exceptions.


How does the process work?


For the Board of Directors - upon election to the board for a new term each board member will follow the procedure outlined below.


For Managers and Coaches - after processing an application to manage/coach within the EYB Registration System, a manager/coach will then follow the procedure outlined below.


How does a volunteer process a background screening application?  What is the cost to the applicant?


Once a volunteer completes the online registration, that registration will be reviewed by the board of directors.  Once the volunteer has been approved by the board of directors as a "potential" volunteer for EYB, the applicant will be contacted via email by the EYB president and provided a link to complete an online background check.


During the application process the volunteer will provide a credit card and pay a $12.00 fee for the background check process.  EYB will not cover the cost for the application.


What will EYB consider as an offense that will result in a non-approval?


The background check will first validate the given Social Security Number (SSN) to the applicant to ensure the applicant is in fact a match to the personal information provided.


The process will search a National Criminal Database of 200+million criminal records, compiled from many sources - including fugitive files and government watch lists, sexual and violent offender registries, state and county criminal record repositories, and state departments of corrections.


The following list of offenses would result in non-approval.  Offenses including but not limited to:


Arson  *  Assault (including aggravated and sexual)  *  Aggravated Kidnapping  *  Aggravated Robbery  *  Crimes against children (including abandonment, abuse, endangerment, pornography, possession or promotion of pornography, enticement, solicitation, sale or purchase of, injury to, or indecency)  *  Criminally Negligent Homicide  *  Deadly Conduct  *  Delivery of Marijuana  *  Manufacture of or Delivery of a controlled substance or dangerous drug  *  Any violation of a law intended to control the possession or distribution of any controlled substance or illegal drug  *  Indecent Exposure  *  Injury to Elderly or Disabled  *  Intoxicated Manslaughter  *  Kidnapping  *  Manslaughter (voluntary or involuntary)  *  Murder  *  Prohibited Sexual Conduct  *  Prostitution (including promotion of, aggravated promotion of)  *  Public Lewdness  *  Rape  *  Sexual Abuse  *  Marijuana Possession  *  DWI/DUI*  *  Theft** 


* If a first offense and not currently under probation---eligible.  Two or more violations have occurred or currently on probation---ineligible.


** Eligibility dependent upon the severity and length of time since offense occurred.


Who at EYB will see the details of a non-approval and how will it be communicated to an applicant?


Only the President of EYB will have access to the details of a non-approved application.  The President will communicate the results directly to the applicant.


If the details of a non-approval are not accurate or the person identified in the results is believed not to be the applicant how is this addressed?


If the volunteer believes the non-approval is a mistake they can speak directly to the independent company facilitating the background check to determine how/if the results can be changed.  The volunteer applicant will not be approved by EYB until such time as an approval is received by the background screening provider.


How long is a background screening approval considered valid?


Each approved screening is valid for a one (1) year period from the date of the approval.  A volunteer is considered approved for all volunteer activities performed for the one (1) year period.  The volunteer will need to renew his/her approval for each subsequent year by completing the screening process again.