Escondido Youth Baseball, Pony League Baseball

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When does the season start?

Players will be assigned to teams based on the draft rules by the last week in January. Coaches will contact players shortly after the draft and schedule a team meeting and practice times and locations. Opening Night is the third Friday night in February. Games will begin that Saturday morning. Regular season games are weekdays and Saturdays; weekday games for Shetland and Pinto will begin after Day Light Savings. The regular season will end a few weeks before Memorial Day with playoffs (no playoffs in the Shetland Division) ending the week before Memorial Day. Rain or other factors may force the extension of the season.


When are practices and games?

Practice locations and times are determined by the individual coach. It's possible that a EYB players team may practice at Kit Carson park or any EUSD field or local church facility. This is strictly a coaching decision once the season starts. Teams will generally have 2 games per week, one during the week either around 5:00pm and 7:00 p.m. and one on Saturday. Times of the games will change based on the division and the number of teams in the league. Field locations vary; the list of fields used by EYB is in the Fields link.


What is the difference between the Shetland and Foal Divisions ?

Due to the change implemented by Pony, EYB has decided to split the division into 2 age groups. The 5/6 year olds will play in the Shetland, and 3/4 year olds will play in the Foal. The Shetland will play with the Pony designated pitching machine and under Shetland All-Star rules.  There will be no standings kept for Shetland Division.  The Foal division will play with a tee and players will play in the traditional tee-ball play (i.e. players advance one base once ball is hit and remain on bases until the entire lineup has batted). Please see our Documents Page under PARENTS for divisional rules.


My player is better than Buster Posey, can he/she play up?

Possibly. If you believe your child has the capabilities to play in the older division, he/she must be recommended to our board for consideration.  The league has a committee who will investigate the request and make a recommendation to the board as to whether or not the player should be allowed to play up a division.  We will not allow players to play up unless a full evaluation has been completed. Please contact the player agent for consideration and discussion.


Can my player play down?

No. However, if a player has a development disability we do have a Morgan division for Special needs players.  Those players will be paired up with a Buddy and play only on Saturday mornings.


What should I buy for my new player?

Players will receive a hat and shirt. Parents will need to separately purchase baseball pants, belt, and baseball socks (we recommend Dicks Sporting Goods and offer coupons at our documents page). The manager of the team will receive baseballs, catching gear and a coaches welcome kit. Players will need to acquire on their own baseball pants, baseball socks, belt, baseball glove, batting helmet, bat (optional) and a protective cup (sliding pants help with the cup). Once placed on a team your manager will contact you to notify you as to the color of pants/belt/socks to match to the team colors. Names can be added to the jersey by teams, however, this will be at the discretion of the team, and the cost of this will vary based on the vendor used to apply the numbers.


How can I help EYB?

EYB is always in need of volunteers to assist with the many aspects of League administration. Various events, such as Player Evaluation Day, Opening Night, and the tournaments are just a few of the many opportunities available for individuals to help the Board of Directors administer League activities. Please contact the Parent Representative Krista Williams in the "Board of Directors" link above for further information.

What does it mean to be a Manager, Coach, Team Parent?

The life blood of EYB is our volunteers.  Every member of EYB is a volunteer.  Here is a description of those volunteer positions that are "on the field":

Manager: runs the team. For Pinto and above (is the person to draft the team and to be at the tryouts to evaluate players).  Conducts the team day to day business, sets line up, sets practices/drills, is main team contact for the league representatives. For Shetland, is the first to contact the team members about participation and first practice.

Coach (or assistant coach): In this league, the coach is like an assistant to the manager.  Will step in to help manager if manager is unavailable.  Out in the field at games and practices.
Team Parent: Helps the manager get information to the parents.  Sets snack schedule, reminds families about games/practice times (Shetland- in the dug out helping with keeping players in the game and paying attention). Usually helps with getting the team banner together, helps to schedule end of season team party.
All volunteer positions require a background check.  Background checks must be done through the league, and a link can be found on our website.  Cost is $12 and each background check is good for 2 years.  At the completion of the background check you will only be notified if there was a question/problem.  All volunteers are required to have their photo taken and will receive an identification badge from the league. All IDs must be worn during games.  (Parent ID badge is not required for Mustang and above levels). To sign up to volunteer, you can apply online when you register your child, notify a board member during on-site sign ups, or if you have already registered your child, email the league.  For those wishing to MANAGE, please fill out our on-line form located on the homepage.


What is the EYB Policy on Refunds of League Fees?

All EYB registration fees include a non-refundable $25 registration fee. The remainder of the registration fee will be refunded if the refund request is received by the Webmaster or Player Agent prior to the player being placed on a team. EYB will not refund any league fees after the players are placed on teams. The EYB Board of Directors can make exceptions to this Policy if reviewed and approved at a normal EYB board meeting.


How is my player placed on a team?

For all divisions, there is a coach and manager for each team. The coach and manager's sons/daughters are guaranteed to be placed on the team. If you would like to coach or manage please register.

NEW Shetland players are placed on teams by nearest elementary school. We will try to honor Buddy/Carpool requests.

All other divisions are placed on teams via a draft. To be draft eligible, players must attend the player evaluation day ( see schedule on home page ). There will be ONLY ONE evaluation day. The makeup date on the home page is for rain-outs only. If, FOR ANY REASON, a player misses the evaluation day, he/she will be placed on a team via a hat pick process unless all managers during the draft have knowledge as to the player’s skills and vote to allow that player to enter the draft.

If you are a returning player and DO NOT want to return to the same manager, you may request to not be placed with that manager.  This request must be made prior to the draft.

ALL players who attend evaluations WILL be draft eligible. There will be NO exceptions.


I really don't want my child to play for a certain manager. Can I request a block?

Yes.  We at EYB want you to have the best experience possible.  Sometimes we don't agree with a manager's philosophy and experience has made us a little wiser.  All manager blocks are confidential and will be made during the team draft.  Any requests made after the team draft WILL NOT be honored.  You must do your due diligence to ensure that your requests are made prior to the formation of teams. Once teams are formed, barring unforeseen circumstances, your child will not be moved from his/her assigned team. Requests must be made in writing (via email) and sent to the President.


Can my sibling players play on the same team?

Yes, the siblings can play on the same team if they are in the same division.


Can my player be paired with his friend or our carpool buddies?

Unfortunately this would go against our Draft rules. All players need to go through Evaluations and then be Drafted onto a team. The only exception to this is our Shetland division, where we assemble teams based on location around the player's nearest school. The best possible way to guarantee that two players are on the same team is to have their parents coach the team together, or have one parent coach and then make sure they draft that other player.

How is EYB supported financially?

Annual player registration barely covers the cost of league operation (see FIELD UPDATE page for a complete P&L). Registration does not cover capital improvements such as fields, field equipment, bleachers, etc. Capital improvements are made possible only through fund raising activities, sponsorships, and local donations. Some examples of the annual expenses we incur include: field maintenance-$21,000; coach training/umpires-$7,000, uniforms/equipment-$20,000, and insurance/registration- $6,500. In total it costs approximately $64,000 to operate the league for one season, and that is assuming we do not need any significant improvements.

Can EYB have insurance if my child gets hurt during play?

Escondido Youth Baseball carries both liability and secondary medical insurance for players, Coaches, and volunteers who may be injured at EYB designated facilities or sanctioned events. Public practice areas not pre-approved by the EYB are not eligible for coverage. Backyard practices are never covered. To play in EYB you must have your own primary medical coverage, which is your child's primary insurance in the unlikely event of an injury. EYB insurance is secondary coverage only, but will not cover your own personal primary deductible. EYB does not allow friends or siblings to participate in practices or games if they are not registered as a player in Escondido Youth Baseball.  

Why won’t the Coach keep my child in the position I want?

This is still a recreational league.  We cannot guarantee kids will stay in one position because of the number of players. Travel ball leagues are the only avenues where you can get commitments on playing time and field positions. Coaches are human and will do their best to accommodate everyone on the team. Since they are the ones putting in the time where most parents will not, managing the team is their decision.  

What is the difference between Little League and Pony?

Depending on the age groups, there are many differences between Little League and Pony:

Shetland Division:

Pony has increased the age group allowed for this division.  Now 3, 4, 5,and 6 year olds will play Shetland.  At EYB we have divided the division into an Upper (5/6) and Lower (3/4) division.  At the Upper division the players use a modified machine (machine somewhat flings the ball at a moderate speed) and games are played with All-Star rules to allow the players to play a true baseball games.  Games are one hour long and standings are not kept.  At the Lower division, this is the traditional Tee-Ball game where the entire team is in the field, the entire line up will bat before the other team bats, outs and scores are not recorded.  This division has been developed to allow our youngest players their first feel of baseball.  Typically Little League begins the Tee Ball division at 4 years old and only Tees are used (EYB uses the modified machine). EYB has tried to put a more competitive level of baseball together for our youngest players.

Pinto Division (also called Minor B for Little League):

For our 7-8 year old players.  A full machine is used where the manager feed the machine the entire season.  Full games are played with 10 players on the field (traditional infield with a rover in the outfield).  Scores are recorded and league standings are kept. Stealing is not allowed in this division. Division is similar to minors with the exception that only the 7-8 year old group plays and no kid pitch at this division.

Mustang Division (also called Minor A for Little League):

Only 9-10 year olds are in this division.  Full kid pitch with steals allowed to second and third.  No stealing home.  Pick offs are allowed.  All MLB rules are observed except as to stealing home and no drop third strike. Bases and mound are the same distance as Minor A.  At Little League level no steals or pick off are allowed. 

Bronco Division (also called Majors for Little League):

Only 11-12 year olds in this division. Bases and Mounds are same distance.  At the Bronco division, full MLB rules are used (for Little League pick offs and lead offs are not allowed). A full 7 inning games is played

Pony Division (also called Juniors for Little League)

For our 13-14 year olds. At the Pony level, bases are 80 ft with mounds at 54 feet.  This allows for a gradual change from Bronco to High School distance (90 ft bases/60'6" mounds).  All MLB rules are used.  At Little League the full jump to the 90ft/60'6" mounds are in play.